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Fire Disk Fire Power Orifice



The orifices on your grill may be small but they sure do have a big job. Without these little components, your grill simply could not fire up. And when any portable grills’ orifices are blocked or ready for replacement, you’ll experience a grill that doesn’t heat up properly when it matters most. If you’re searching for an orifice that will give your grill the fire power it needs, look no further than the FireDisc – FirePower™ Orifices!

These little babies have all of the power you need to fire up the grill when you’re ready to hit the road with your grill. You can boil, fry and cook faster! Make sure your grill has all the fire power in the world that it needs before you go camping, hunting, fishing, to the beach, or anywhere for that matter. The last thing anyone wants when they fire up their outdoor grills is a grill that doesn’t heat. Boil, fry, and cook anything your heart desires when you order a new FireDisc – FirePower™ Orifice today!

  • Looking for more power? Get the FireDisc Grills® FirePower orifice.

  • The FirePower orifice add the extra firepower you need for high-powered, boil in minutes cooking. Ideal for large boils of crawfish and shrimp.

    *Note: regular power orifice should suffice for most recipes.


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