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Poo-Pourri Trap-A-Crap



Poo~Pourri Trap-A-Crap - A deep, spicy, and fresh blend of blood orange that will make a great show item in your bathroom. A natural air freshener and spray deodorizer that eliminates bathroom odors and has up to 200 uses.Poo~Pourri, designed to be sprayed directly onto the toilet bowl water before you go. Most bathroom spray air fresheners and toilet deodorizers try and mask the stinky poop smell after it is in the air, not Poo Pourri.

Discover the secret blends of essential oils that are used to eliminate offensive bathroom odors. Creating a protective film on the surface of the water effectively eliminating odor before it begins. A natural air freshener spray that not only improves air quality but is also environmentally safe, good for the planet and your septic.

Try Poo-PourriTrap-A-Crap and find out what should be missing when you use the bathroom - it will forever change the bathroom experience.

  • 4 oz Bottle
  • Up to 200 Uses
  • Environmentally Safe


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