Bayou Classic 12.5" Cast Iron Wok

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    You're viewing our Bayou Classic 12.5" cast iron wok. Bayou's cast iron wok is heavier than conventional woks and has great heat retention, providing fast and even cooking when stir frying. Made of sturdy cast iron construction, the 12.5" wok has a classic wok shape with curved sides and flat bottom for stirring and tossing foods, the flat bottom wok is perfect for use on gas and or outdoor propane burners. This wok is ideal for cooking classic Asian food or stir frying fresh vegetables for everyday meals. The wok is a great size for family meals, measuring 3" deep and 12.5" in diameter, the handles help with removing stir fry from the wok. Pre-seasoned wok. Our Bayou Classic 12.5" cast iron wok comes with a manufacturer warranty. If you have questions about our products we have the answers you need.