Solo Stove Ultimate Grill Bundle

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    No-hassle approach to charcoal grilling that makes everyone a master.

    The Signature 360° Airflow Design™ lets you go from box to burger in 30 minutes.

    What’s Included
    • Solo Stove Grill — No-hassle charcoal grilling
    • Grill Short Stand — 13” portable grill stand
    • Grill Tools — Hefty spatula, tongs, and meat fork
    • Grill Shelter — Protects Grill from the elements
    • Grill Carry Case — Bring Grill along for the ride
    • Grill Pack — All Natural Charcoal briquettes (4lbs)
      • All Natural charcoal briquettes are made with vegetable starch, no fillers or chemicals, for a clean burn.
    • Starters (4ct) — A surefire start to the perfect flame

     Box to Burger in 30 minutes

    1. Set Up (takes just 5 minutes, 6 bolts)
    2. Heat Up (charcoal ready in 10 - 15 minutes)
    3. Eat Up (the same charcoal lasts up to 45 minutes)