10" Banjo Burner Module

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    Upgrade your cooker with a 10" Banjo Burner!  With our interchangeable burner plates, you can make your cooker multi-use.

    Our 200K BTU Banjo LP Burner Boiling Module fits all 100/120 Qt Powered Cookers.  You are just three simple bolts away from changing your 120 Qt cooker from a boiling pot to a cooking / frying pot.  Uses the same propane regulator that came with your pot.

    This burner is perfect for cooking and frying. You can fry four 13 lb turkeys at one time in this pot with this burner and hold the frying temperature the whole time. Also perfect for boiling peanuts and more. 
    This product ONLY FITS 100QT and 120QT Powered Cookers