32 Tip Multi Jet Burner - Natural Gas

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    DuraSteel Natural Gas Jet Burner For Chinese Wok Range, Grilling, Stir Fry - Cast Iron Body Round Nozzle Jet Burner with 32 Brass Tips - Up 160,000 BTU

    Why do you choose DuraSteel Jet Burner?

    Our jet burner is made for chefs that like to keep the heat high and speed up their cooking, this gas jet burner offers just the right balance between quality and functionality. Designed with 32 brass nozzles, our jet burner is a must have for any Chinese kitchen or home that want to make cooking, grilling and frying more efficient and fast.

    This cast iron wok may look small but it’s designed to offer maximum heat output to effortlessly heat even your largest wok pans and grills. It’s made for professional chefs that aren’t afraid to turn the heat up to cook food faster making this an essential for every home, restaurant and hotel that wants get food ready fast.

    • Chinese Wok Range Essential
    • Powerful BBQ Grill
    • High Heat Fryer
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Portable & Convenient Design


    • OD 10" Dia
    • 3/4" Gas Pipe Inlet
    • 160,000 BTU/HR
    • Round Shape 32 Tips
    • Natural Gas Unit

    Please adjust your propane tank knob or add a regulator to control the fire level.