Cajun Flip N Fry

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    The Cajun Flip N Fry has a large 1.25 gallon capacity container, big enough to batter 8 to 9 - 8" filets or 1 lb of shrimp at a time. The Flip N Fry is not cumbersome to use. It is easy to hold onto; even a child can use it. The lid fits tightly so it will not leak batter, which means no mess to clean up. The design of the Flip N Fry makes it convenient to store either in a cabinet or a side-by-side freezer.

    Step 1: Place fish fry, flour, etc. in bottom of canister, place food to be coated on top of basket.

    Step 2: Close lid tightly turn upside down and flip back and forth.

    Step 3: Evenly coated food is ready to fry.
    Get Your Food Frying Faster with the Cajun Flip N Fry